6 points to consider when selecting a domestic helper

Empleada de Hogar

What should I take into account when hiring a domestic helper?

Throughout the years we have all needed to go to someone to give us a hand in the day-to-day life of the house. If this is the first time you need it now, welcome to this new world 😊.

Whether it is due to long hours of work, some temporary sick leave or, simply, to be able to carry out our daily tasks with more tranquility, sometimes we need an external hand to help us.

The truth is that when you find that person who fits the idea you have in your head, it is wonderful because your life becomes easier. But… oh! how many doubts arise before reaching that moment. Giving your house keys to a stranger is not easy. If you also have to take care of minors or dependents, all the alarms are activated. You are giving them everything that matters to you in the world, everything you have.

To facilitate this selection process and be sure that the choice is the right one, we believe that these recommendations can help you:

I. Value what you need

It seems obvious, but before looking for someone to help at home, we must take into account what our needs are. This will save you, both in the budget and in the time invested in the selection process.

If you have a long workday, you may only be interested in someone who does the cleaning and ironing a couple of days a week. If you eat at home, you may be interested in that person know how to cook to leave you something prepared or organize the week with a batch cooking . If you work from home, you may prefer that I go to do homework on the weekend.

On the contrary, if you have children at home and you need someone to take care of them, it would be interesting for you to make a selection not only looking for candidates with experience with children, but also in your age group.

If what you want is help with a dependent person, assess the degree of dependency or the condition of the person who will be treated to find the perfect candidate with experience in that sector.

This is also the time to think about what your budget is, how much is offered in the sector for the type of professional you are looking for and in what salary range you feel comfortable.

II. Search profiles with papers

Maybe they have told you about the cousin of the girl of that mother at school who has worked taking care of twins at someone’s house, or about a wonderful and very executive lady with the iron and what a way you’re dying. They have told you that he does not have papers, but that … well, that way you save that game.

It is true that Social Security supposes an extra cost but the risk of having an uninsured employee does not compensate for it. If that employee falls and reports you, you have a problem. If you stop having it because you don’t like it or your needs change and you go to court, you can get an unappetizing scare, with its consequent outlay.

III. Confirm your references

We have all received, already from an agency, or from another channel, a profile that said that he knew how to do everything and everything and you discovered that he did not. If it has not reached you, surely someone has told you what happened.

One way to avoid this and not waste time in face-to-face interviews is to ask for their references. Generally, when they have them they are not reluctant to offer them. If they also provide you with the resume, you are sure that what they are telling you is true.

IV. Meet the candidate

Whether you make the selection or ask for help from an expert agency in these processes, get to know the candidate. If you are also going to meet him at home, we recommend that you interview him in person.

You may find yourself with a very valid and competent profile but that does not fit your way of being. A personal interview can guide you to see if you have that feeling that requires a domestic relationship.

V. Explain what you expect

It is convenient to make a list of the things you want me to do and the order in which you prefer to do them. If there is also something you like to do in a certain way, we recommend that you waste a few minutes explaining it to them to avoid misunderstandings and future anger.

SAW. Make a general summary before ending the interview

It is always better that the terms of the contract are clear. The end of the interview is a good time to recapitulate and summarize the conditions of the position: hours, salary, day of incorporation, tasks to be carried out, payment times, vacations or any other question that may arise for either party.

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