Tips for babysitters

Our families are very demanding of a babysitter’s manners, demeanor or neatness. Keep in mind that, especially at the beginning, they will be more aware of your behavior; the family will be evaluating their ability to take care of their children.


Be patient; trust is gained little by little. You take care of what matters most to families, and parents should feel completely at ease knowing that their children are in the best of hands. Once that trust is gained, you will become part of the family and will be rewarded for your hard work and dedication.


Guidelines and considerations:


This is a must – say hello and say goodbye when entering or leaving the house, even in your spare time. Be meticulous about your table manners.

Remember that you should always be a role model for children, on or off duty hours.

Use common sense: adapt to the situation. If the kids are making noise and the parents are busy, be quick and take them away.

Always be vigilant and act wisely. Know when to keep quiet and when to talk.

Remember that you have a confidentiality commitment with the family, you should never share personal information about the house with third parties. It is also not advisable to share financial data, such as your salary.

If you come across a problem in your day-to-day life or have any concerns, talk to the parents, but always have a solution ready.

Be available and helpful. Families highly appreciate these attitudes and will make it up to you when needed.

Especially in the beginning, take the initiative. Ask questions, get to know the house (understand how the appliances work (washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, heating, iron,…), etc.

If there are more domestic servants, worry about how they prefer to organize themselves.

Keep in mind the schedules and tasks of each day and keep an eye on the clock. Keep in mind that you are the one in charge of ensuring that the children attend their activities on time.

To make sure of this, be prepared at least 10 minutes before starting your workday: you never know if there may be something unforeseen and you should not make your employer wait for you because you are not ready to go out, or properly care for the children.

Parents love to know what their children are doing. Make them aware of any progress they have made by sending them a photo or short video. Tell them funny anecdotes about your children.

  • Watching television: regardless of the reason, this attitude is often associated with laziness. It is better that you reserve this activity for your free time.
  • Computer use: Especially if you use the family computer, be discreet. You never know who may accidentally access or come across your search history.
  • Social networks: be discreet on Facebook, Instagram and similar websites, never post photos of yourself with children, you would be breaking your confidentiality agreement, which would be grounds for dismissal.

    T We do not recommend posting compromising photos or anything that conveys that you are not a professional.

  • Talking on the phone: be careful when talking on the phone to avoid inadvertently overhearing what you are saying.
  • Vacations: you will have pay-off times and days to enjoy vacations, but be patient and wait a reasonable time before asking when you can take them, always trying to adapt to the needs and preferences of the family.
  • Be careful with arrival times: returning home at untimely hours does not usually make a good impression.
  • Keep your bedroom tidy – you are a reflection of yourself and should lead children by example.
  • Be professional in both your work and personal life. “The world is a handkerchief” and can always be seen by someone who knows the family.


Children always prefer to be with whoever is more fun. Keep in mind that being the last to arrive home, children are likely to be more reluctant to be with you at first because they don’t know you. Turn things around by being fun, cheerful, smiling, and active.

Worry about knowing their preferences, what are their favorite toys, what they like to eat, what activities entertain them the most, etc. This will give you an extra arsenal of “tricks” to win over the child, especially early on when winning them over is crucial.

Make an effort to come up with games and other activities to capture children’s attention, especially during the first few weeks. Some children need more time to gain confidence with their new babysitter, and these activities will make it easier for them to do so.

This is the most complicated job of a babysitter, it must be coordinated with the parents so that the result is the desired one.


Always keep your hair clean and well tied up. Keep your nails short and clean and discreetly colored. Do not wear heavy perfume or excessive makeup, especially when caring for babies or newborns.

We do not recommend chewing gum. Do not go barefoot around the house – have a pair of slippers to wear only inside the house, something comfortable.

Wear the uniform we gave you. If the family prefers other types of clothing, we recommend wearing baggy pants and a clean blouse.

When in doubt, dress completely in black or call us and we will advise you; it is better to be too conservative to be wrong than to be wrong.