• 6 months warranty . This period is counted from date to date from day 1 of the incorporation of the candidate.
  • 2 replacements during the warranty period, for any circumstance (both attributable to the employee and the employer or force majeure), in accordance with our substitution policy.
  • Fee :
    • Selection : equal to a SMI, this is 1,108.33 + VAT in the case of full-time. These include:
    • the delivery of two uniforms (only in the first selection, if there were more than one, they would be billed separately)
    • psychological test in the case of full-time and candidate whose mother tongue is Spanish (only in the first selection. If the family wishes to take any more, the second will have an increased cost of 20 euros; the third and subsequent ones, if applicable, will mean that an additional amount of 50 euros is billed for each test).
    • Processing of registration with the SS, contract and first payroll : 65 + VAT per employee.


In case of substitution, the candidates offered will meet the same conditions as those indicated in the first selection (ie internal or external regime, hours, salary, etc.). If there are at least two candidates who meet the established requirements, it will be understood that one of the substitutions has occurred, regardless of the client’s decision to incorporate the candidate or not.