For homes that, due to their characteristics, require service persons to know protocol, table service, house and garden maintenance, driver and housework in general, SelectiaHome selects internal marriages throughout Spain.

We will only introduce you to couples who have already worked in other addresses and are experienced in all household chores.


Some questions that may arise when you are going to contract a marriage are:


  • How long should the marriage rest?
    Like internal domestic workers, they are entitled to 36 consecutive hours of payment per week, as well as a 2-hour break after lunch.
  • How are the tasks usually distributed in the couple?
    She usually undertakes housework and cooking. He, for his part, is usually in charge of serving the table, house and garden maintenance, chauffeur duties, shopping, etc. In any case, as always, the roles will be adapted to the needs raised.
  • All the marriages that we present have documents in order and demonstrable references verified by us.
  • What is the usual rate?
    For the provision of the services described, the fees usually range between 2,000 and 2,400 euros (plus Social Security).


The final rate is set depending on the level and requirement imposed on the house: protocol, number of people, availability to travel, languages, etc.

In addition, SelectiaHome offers the following services:

Labor procedures

We can manage on your behalf the registration of the caregiver in the SS and the preparation of monthly payroll.

Replacement service

Our warranty period is 6 months. During it, we will take care of finding a replacement professional in an agile way. Includes up to 2 substitutions.


SelectiaHome is not the employer, the employment relationship is established by the family and the professional. We accompany both parties at all times.