Employees external

We select for you external household employees for weekdays or even on Saturday and Sunday. All have references verified by our consultants and are characterized by anticipating the needs of the employer.


It is already known that “experience is a degree”, and it is precisely that previous experience, already corroborated by SelectiaHome, which allows our professionals to optimally organize themselves to carry out household chores and, in many cases, combine them with the accompaniment of the elderly and / or dependents.

We will only provide experienced and educated professionals to run the house. As far as this is concerned, his tasks include, among others, cleaning and organizing the home, ironing, planning menus and preparing meals or doing the daily shopping. They can also set up a formal table and handle larger meals when there is a visit, run errands or help with packing when traveling.

An external worker must have a work permit, be registered with Social Security, enjoy 30 calendar days of paid vacation and receive two extra payments per year.

Following our work methodology, we provide you with the peace of mind that we will only present you professionals who have been fully investigated and who have a complete series of verifications that include:


  • Verified references from previous employers.
  • Employment history.
  • Criminal record certificate or equivalent in a country of origin and, where appropriate, certificate of sexual offenses.
  • Psychological profile to know aspects of your personality. This profile is prepared in collaboration with IPSIA PSYCHOLOGY, Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies.

In addition, SelectiaHome offers the following services:

Labor procedures

We can manage on your behalf the registration of the caregiver in the SS and the preparation of monthly payroll.

Replacement service

Our warranty period is 6 months. During it, we will take care of finding a replacement professional in an agile way. Includes up to 2 substitutions.


SelectiaHome is not the employer, the employment relationship is established by the family and the professional. We accompany both parties at all times.