Service domestic

SelectiaHome finds for you the qualified staff you are looking for to satisfy any domestic need that may arise.

Whether you need help with child care, house, garden, support with the care of the elderly or dependents, etc., or if you require internal or external services, we are available for you.


The service we provide is always of high quality, specifically adapted to the needs and concerns of each family.


We value our clients’ time by only presenting them with excellent and highly recommended candidates that fit their requirements. This is the result of our demanding selection method that takes place in several stages. We start by checking the references and documentation of our candidates, their work life report, courses they have been able to take, criminal records, certificate of crimes of a sexual nature, etc. If all this is correct and adapts to the demands of the agency, we interview them personally, to meet them and have those first impressions that, in our experience, make a difference. It is such a rigorous and extensive process that we only accept, on average, one in every 20 interviewed candidates.

Additionally, depending on the position to which one is chosen and, in any case, when requested by the employer, we will carry out a psychological profile to know aspects of the candidate’s personality. This profile is prepared in collaboration with IPSIA PSYCHOLOGY, Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies.


After this analysis, we share with you the resumes of the professionals that we believe best meet your requirements (usually between 3 and 5) and our impressions of them, so that you can better understand the quality and personality of each of them. The next step is for you to decide how many candidates you want to meet and organize the interview / s.

Once you have hired the candidate of your choice, our 30-day trial period gives you the opportunity to determine if the professional is a good fit for your position. On the contrary, if at any time within the first twelve months you discover that it is not the ideal profile for your home, we will restart the search completely free of charge and replace the professional up to three times.

Our success is based on our dedication, follow-through and the excellent quality of our candidates. We always strive to do our best.

In addition, SelectiaHome offers the following services:

Labor procedures

We can manage on your behalf the registration of the caregiver in the SS and the preparation of monthly payroll.

Replacement service

Our warranty period is 6 months. During it, we will take care of finding a replacement professional in an agile way. Includes up to 2 substitutions.


SelectiaHome is not the employer, the employment relationship is established by the family and the professional. We accompany both parties at all times.