Why U.S ?

At SelectiaHome we want to help you select the personnel you need, adapting to the particularities of your situation, but … why trust us?

Personal interviews with our candidates

We believe that it is essential to meet all of our candidates in person, so that we can determine for which client it is going to be a perfect match.


To do this, we personally check their references and their criminal records or certificates of crimes of a sexual nature (necessary to work with minors), if required, we carry out a psychological profile in collaboration with IPSIA PSYCHOLOGY, Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies. Only then do we value your candidacy to work with our clients. Additionally, we carry out tests of irregular duration, to ensure the suitability of the professional for the position offered.


It is such a rigorous and extensive process that we only accept, on average, one in every 20 interviewed candidates.

Filter candidates

Our high success rate responds to a rigorous and truly demanding recruitment process , which ensures that only the most qualified professionals are presented to our clients. Only candidates we trust are part of the SelectiaHome database.

In addition to this process, our selection methodology has reached the highest level because it is complemented by several factors such as:


  • Our candidates have the experience that allows them to know how to work in private homes.
  • All of our consultants are mothers or fathers.
  • We offer additional services, upon request, such as specific training.

Consultants bilingual

Our consultants assess the level of language required by our clients to ensure that the candidate meets their expectations and adapts to their needs.