How we work

When you know which type of service (internal, external, hourly, etc.) is the one that best suits your needs, register on our page by filling out our specific form. With this, your application will enter our system so that our consultants review it carefully and can contact you to find out the specific conditions of the position.

We want to understand your needs

In the first place, we analyze the needs that our clients indicate to us in order, then, to know and evaluate in person the environment in which the professional will work.


In the case of nannies and domestic service personnel, to facilitate a quick adaptation to the family, we guide our candidates in the day-to-day organization and help define their role at home.

The perfect professional for the family

SelectiaHome works in a personalized way for each of our clients, looking for the perfect professional that fits the needs of the house.


Our selection method is developed in several stages. We start by checking the references and documentation of our candidates, their work life report, courses they have been able to take, criminal records, certificate of crimes of a sexual nature, etc.


Additionally, depending on the position to which one is chosen and, in any case, when requested by the employer, we will carry out a psychological profile to know aspects of the candidate’s personality. This profile is prepared in collaboration with IPSIA PSYCHOLOGY, Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies.


If all this is correct and adapts to the demands of the agency, we interview them personally, to meet them and have those first impressions that, in our experience, make a difference.


After the commented analysis, we share with you the resumes of the professionals that we believe best meet your requirements (usually between 3 and 5) and our impressions of them, so that you can better understand the quality and personality of each candidate we present. The next step is for you to decide how many candidates you want to meet and then organize the interview (s).

Interview / s

Interviews can be conducted by video call or in person. In either case, one of our consultants will be able to help you prepare for the interview – we can offer you a list of questions to better understand the candidate and his or her suitability for the position offered – and will be present to contrast the impressions of both the family and The candidates.


We check the references of all our candidates before presenting them. However, if the family wishes, we will provide the relevant contacts so that they can do it themselves.


In the case of face-to-face interviews, we ourselves pick up the candidate and accompany him or her to the agreed place.


When the family has found their perfect candidate and decides to make a formal offer, our legal team can help you draft the contract to ensure that it includes all the terms that you are interested in and are formally reflected.


From the moment the professional accepts the offer, he is a direct employee of the family, not of the agency.


SelectiaHome offers an additional service that makes us unique in the sector. We care to see the evolution of the employment relationship that we have helped to build. We will speak with both the professional and our clients to confirm that they are both satisfied and discuss any concerns that may arise.