Babysitters in
external regime

Nannies in an external regime generally work from Monday to Friday, at the hours agreed with the employer, taking into account current legislation.


To facilitate the process, at SelectiaHome, we select those babysitters that best suit your schedule needs. Note that outpatient babysitters often agree to do babysitting (nights out, trips during the week, etc.), by prior agreement between the nanny and the family.


We will only present candidates who have specific experience in your child’s age group and we recommend that they require no more than an hour to travel from their home to the family’s home.

The duties of an external nanny include all those tasks related to children, such as:


  • Drop off the children at school and pick them up.
  • Take the kids to the park and to extracurricular activities.
  • Help with organizing special occasions like birthday parties.
  • Caring for children when they are sick and administering medicine.
  • Bathing the children.
  • Travel with the children and prepare for vacations, weekend visits, etc.
  • Keeping parents informed of their children’s developmental progress.
  • Bilingual babysitters can also help teach your child a second language.


Likewise, in cases in which there are no specific domestic staff in the house for other functions, they may be in charge of tasks such as the following:


  • Cleaning and maintenance of the house.
  • Wash and iron clothes.
  • Organize and prepare well balanced and nutritious menus.
  • Home shopping.
  • etc.

Process of selection

From the initial meeting with the family, to sending the resumes and the follow-up after the interview, at SelectiaHome we strive to find the right babysitter that suits your personal situation. We will work with you, responding to all calls and emails promptly, to allow you to maintain control of the process and help you make an important decision like this.


So that our clients can focus on meeting their obligations with the peace of mind that they leave their children in the best hands, we only present babysitters from whom we can contribute:

  • Verified references from previous employers.
  • Employment history.
  • Criminal record certificate or equivalent in a country of origin and, where appropriate, certificate of sexual offenses.
  • Psychological profile to know aspects of your personality. This profile is prepared in collaboration with IPSIA PSYCHOLOGY, Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies.

Babysitting fees in external regime

Fees are highly dependent on the babysitter’s experience and the work routine you would like the babysitter to follow. A more intense dedication requires a higher reward.


In general, an external nanny will receive a minimum salary of 1,108.33 euros per month (12 payments).

In addition, SelectiaHome offers the following services:

Labor procedures

We can manage on your behalf the registration of the caregiver in the SS and the preparation of monthly payroll.

Replacement service

Our warranty period is 6 months. During it, we will take care of finding a replacement professional in an agile way. Includes up to 2 substitutions.


SelectiaHome is not the employer, the employment relationship is established by the family and the professional. We accompany both parties at all times.