We offer the best babysitters for your family. We believe that a good babysitter should follow the rule of the three A’s (cheerful, attentive and active). In addition, she must be discreet, affectionate and have a great interest in the stimulation and development of children.

SelectiaHome, has become one of the leading nanny agencies in Madrid thanks to our wide network of professionals, trained to provide a first-class and personalized service, in any situation.


Our services are provided to measure: We offer the babysitters that best fit with the customs and values of the family in which they work and who give excellent care to their children, focusing on their well-being, happiness and educational and social development.


We always interview the professionals beforehand and, if necessary, we take care of training them. We only present babysitters from whom we can contribute:


  • Verified references from previous employers.
  • Employment history.
  • Criminal record certificate or equivalent in a country of origin.
  • Psychological profile to know aspects of your personality. This profile is prepared in collaboration with IPSIA PSYCHOLOGY, Institute of Advanced Psychotherapies.


It is such a rigorous and extensive process that we only accept, on average, one in every 20 interviewed candidates.

Our babysitters can work on a INTERNAL or EXTERNAL .

In addition, SelectiaHome offers the following services:

Labor procedures

We can manage on your behalf the registration of the caregiver in the SS and the preparation of monthly payroll.

Replacement service

Our warranty period is 6 months. During it, we will take care of finding a replacement professional in an agile way. Includes up to 2 substitutions.


SelectiaHome is not the employer, the employment relationship is established by the family and the professional. We accompany both parties at all times.